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What is a bitmap image on Windows 11?

The Windows 11 wallpapers?

Adjust power plan options under Windows 11!

Numeric keypad to control the mouse under Windows 11!

Windows 11: Make the mouse easier to use!

Windows 11 Desktop?

Find the printer queue on Windows 11!

Windows 11 saves space during installation!

Single window mode plus preview window for all explorers!

Favorites in the Run dialog for Windows 11, 10, ... as an alternative!

Output path (without the file name) as a separate column!

Do not Sleep parameter example!

SysTreeViev32 versus Tree-List-View-Hybrid-OK!

Show folder size in the status bar!

Q-Dir Columbian Espanol Short Help!

Windows File Explorer as the default file manager!

Minimize all windows if the mouse pointer does not move for a certain time!

Why is in Desktop-OK the volume mixer?

Quick Text Paste commands and wildcards (placeholder)!

You need for the safe deletion of hard disks a fast Tool?

The Stone Clock for The Windows Desktop!

12-Ants for all Windows OS Desktops!

Touch, Touch Multi Touch Test for Free!

Setting the countdown in Bitte.Wenden!

The created file can not be compressed!

Move the scaled-down photo with watermark to the clipboard!

Extra traces on Windows 10 / 8.1, ... leave behind!

Fantastic Rain Drops for all Mouse Devices on MS Windows OS!

Windows 98 Classic Desktop Clock for Windows 11 and 10!

Most viruses have mutated, some still have the typical Corona shape!

A 3D desktop clock for MS Windows 11, 10, ... and MS Server OS with various settings!

List, extract all the images from Office file formats on MS Windows 11, 10, ... etc.!

Digital Desktop Clock for Windows 11, 10, ... and MS Server with various settings!

Win-Ping - comfortable pinging on Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop and Server OS

Help I have too many smartphone pictures, what should I do?

Use For Free the Software to make Scans to PDF on Windows!

Where to play Minecraft Classic for free?

Easily shrink the size of a Digital Photo!

Improve horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel!

Always start the Quad Explorer for Windows maximized!

Detect in Quad-Explorer when it runs with administrator privileges!

The improved quad explorer file preview on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ..!

How to update Edge browser on MS Windows OS?

Restoring the analog clock by reinstalling it on Windows 11, 10, ... !

Switch MS Windows energy options via keyboard shortcuts!

Using the File Explorer address bar in Windows 11 and 10!

How to get Folder View properties in Windows 10 Explorer?

Windows 10 / 11 extend password age / password expiration date?

Windows 10 "System Recovery" + cmd features!

Windows 10  / 11 Adapter Settings Find Network?

Download the free energy optimization tool for Windows 11, 10, ... !

Write short invitations and reports on Windows 10/11!

Windows 10 Edge on the desktop and quick launch bar as a shortcut?

Small Icons Size in Taskbar of Windows 10?

Monochrome desktop backgrounds on Windows 11 or 10!

Time-controlled event and reactivation timer activate, deactivate!

The user account picture directory / folder under Windows 10/11!

Easy start New Scan Wizard under Windows 10 / 11!

Sound Mixer from Taskbar Tray!

Difference between computer management and file management!

The mouse speed protection KMS-OK for Windows 10 / 11!

Mouse pointer and cursor options open faster on MS Windows 11, 10, ... OS!

In Windows 10,11, ... install additional language packs, but how?

The Edge Browser hangs, cannot be closed on Windows 10 / 11!

Selecting only one line in the Windows Word document!

Disk Error Checking on Windows 10/11!

Delete temporary files and others automatically under Windows 11 and 10!

Do I have Windows 10 Redstone 4 or 5 or Windows 11?

Open the Windows 10 or 11 disk management!

Install the integrated PDF printer driver in Windows 10/11!

Back to Windows 7 / 8.1 from Windows 10, but how (8.1)?

Windows 11 and 10 system sound!

Desktop Clock Zelda breath of the wild, how to?

Fonts Print Overview!

Address-Bar-Classics-and-New Animated Gif!

No Expand Triangle and Lines in Explorer Tree-View (Folders)!

Can I continue to use the alternative run dialog on Windows 11?

Recycle Bin on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 Secure Delete!

Timezone via PowerShell command lines?

Quickly change the Windows 11, 10, ... language with PowerShell!

RGB Pixel to Negative!

Find file path in File Explorer on all Windows?

Firefox starts when Windows 11 (10, 8.1) starts?

My Samsung notebook only charges the battery to 80 percent, why?

What is the Windows Flip 3D?

How can I burn a BIN image file?

Can I add batch-script action to Right Click menu of Explorer Windows (10, 8.1, 7.0)?

Mount VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) via Windows Command Prompt?

What are command prompt internal commands?

Create hard links and soft links under Windows via command prompt!

Difference Between PowerShell and Command Prompt?

REN command to rename files, examples command prompt!

CPU processor information via the command prompt!

Use batch file to start multiple programs on Windows 11, 10...!

Difference extended command prompt and normal on Windows?

How to create at once several subfolders levels (commando-line)?

Add Calculator to Quick Access Toolbar in MS Office!

Convert PNG files to JPG with MS-Paint!

A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Word!

Create horizontal line in Microsoft Word, example!

Unfortunately my Bitdefender Security started in GetWindowText?

Clock in the foreground forced and background, ... differences!

A problem with zip folders when copying, cutting and pasting!

How do I remove icons from the Windows desktop?

Show the calendar in MS Windows operating systems?

For what, I am an expert and I know what I am doing?

Is a silent and portable installation of Folder Printout Tool possible?

Can I really give the comparison tool to everyone to compare pictures?

Translate the Find.Same.Images.OK in my Language!

Questions and answers about the energy efficiency APP for Windows!

Is it possible to adjust the Window animations under Windows 10 / 11?

How to recover files from Recycle Bin in Windows 10 and 11?

How to find the Wallpapers folder in Windows 10 and 11?

Shortcut to Manage Wireless Networks on Windows-10!

How to use the Windows 10 / 11 Password Reset-Disk?

Remove a update from Windows 10, how to?

How to find Recovery options in Windows 10 Home and Pro (reset, clear)?

Windows-10/11 tool to change the color profile for a device, where is it? (printer, fax)

Find and Start Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10, how to?

Enable, Confirm Dialog when delete files or folder in Windows 10, how to?

How to stop your laptop from going to sleep when closed (Windows 10/11)?

How to find auto startup folder in Windows 10/11 (Where is it)?

How to remove APPs from Windows 10 Start Menu?

Can I also use the Standby Blocker on Windows XP, 7?

Prevent my computer from sleeping, but still allow the screen off?

Can I continue to use my mouse cursor hiding tool on MS Windows 11!

What is a digital photo original?

What should I do if my Norton or McAfee Antivirus is expired?

A certificate was explicitly blocked by the issuer!

Connect a computer via USB or set up a network, but how?

The device failed the performance test - Samsung?

What is an atomic clock how to use?

Can I free share the smart Freeware Scan to PDF Windows Tool to all User?

How to create a PDF from Screenshot or other Images?

How can I translate or switch to my language in MeinPlatz!

Print Images in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, how to!?

Unmount (eject) the VHD over the disk management in Windows 8.1/10!

Windows 8.1 / 10 How can I get back to extra large thumbnail view in ?

Prevent Recovery of deleted files under Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 without additional software!

Show delete confirmation dialog on Windows 8.1 / 10 when delete file!

Find and start programs in Windows 8.1 and 8!

Create Desktop shortcut for Windows-8/10 Defender and pin to start menu!

How to open in Windows 8.1/10 the program path through the task manager?

How to change the Windows 8.1 / 8 indexing options (advanced searching)?

How to switch user accounts on windows 8 / 8.1 (change, swop)?

How can i activate Windows-10 or 8.1 via phone system?

Change Windows-8, 8.1 and Win 10 Computer Name, Workgroup and Domain settings?

Windows-8 HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error message during installation?

How do I download all of my Facebook data?

Find and change the proxy server configuration in Windows (Internet Explorer)!

Can I really give the font install / overview program to anyone?

How can I stop the computer load test on my Windows PC?

Difference between cores and threads on the CPU?

Can I compress the non compressible files with 7-zip?

How to translate Get Pixel Color for people in my country?

Easy converted or resize WEBP images on Windows?

How can I align the Door Note, for example left-justified?

Windows Server 2012 and direct download links and trial versions!

Be my patron on Software OK!

Exclude a Folder in Windows 10 Defender!

Can I use the 3D benchmark on XP as well as on Windows 10 and 11!

Monitor status, temperature, status of the hard drives SSD, HHD, ...?

Safely remove hardware does not work! 

The volume under Windows 11, 10, ... is too low?

Using the classic screensavers on Windows 11 and 10!

The digital desktop clock on my Windows 11 is too small!

What is Launch IME, what does it do?

Alphabetical, chronological, numerical, intuitive sorting in the file explorer!

Help, no Tool-Bar and Address-Bar in Explorer View of Quad-Dir?

Change the default action of pressing WIN+E! 

A little helpers, I have still not found, something like "minimize to tray"?

Is it possible to change the title of the Quad-Explorer window?

Dragging doesn"t work at all when dragging from a network (mapped) drive!

How can I change the favorites folder in Quad-Directory-Explorer?

USB-C vs. Thunderbolt: What are the differences?

Can I only print sections of a page?

What are unprintable characters?

What is the difference between memory and hard disk space?

WHQL certified?

How to create a desktop shortcut for everyone on Windows!

Difference between key combination and keyboard shortcuts?

What is sysinternals.com for Windows?

Can I open 32-bit files on a 64-bit operating system?

How to find the BIT on my PC?

Changeable font size and color in the each cmd.exe Tab!

Help on Windows 10/11 I can not change the file time stamp, why?

The analog desktop clock no longer starts with Windows 11, 10, ...?

How to use Troubleshooter for Printer in Windows 11?

Change the username or account name in Windows 11 / 10?

Windows 11 PowerShell, Command Prompt or Terminal?

Why is the mouse wheel too slow on Windows 11?

How do I update my Windows 11?

Help the day of the week is missing in the Windows 11 taskbar?

How can I take a screenshot in Windows 11 without a keyboard shortcut?

Can I adjust the power plan under Windows 11?

Local user and Microsoft account under Windows 11, 10, ... Difference?

My Windows 11 doesn't have a group policy editor, why?

Can I set a timer, stopwatch or alarm in Windows 11?

Help in Windows 11 missing the keyboard settings?

Can I install Windows 11 offline?

Deactivate the window shadows under Windows 11, is that possible?

What do I need admin rights to close / quit programs with Process-KO?

For what four different duration of Benschmarks?

How to switch to the administrative mode and back?

DesktopOK isn't saving my desktop icons. How do i uninstall it?

Save the INI file in my Google Drive or OneDrive?

Activate the Auto Backup Feature in QuickTextPaste!

Automated date and time format in QTP for MS Windows 11, 10, ... OS!

The Desktop Notes program is in the wrong language?

What registry settings are being changed?

Can I continue to use the desktop calendar under Windows 11?

Hide Desktop Icons Show in Windows 7, Help?

Can I disable autoplay for DVD, CD, USB in Windows 7, how to?

Rename Default operating system Name at System startup in Windows-7, how to?

New folder hotkey in Windows 7 for Windows Explorer!

Where is the free antivirus freeware for MS Windows 7?

Auto login without password on Windows 7 (How to)?

How to create an installation Windows-7 DVD?

What is interoperability?

What is a widget?

What is a UFO file?

What is a keyboard layout?

What are visual artifacts?

What is the presentation program?

What is a benchmark?

What is remote access?

What is Clear Type?

What is PowerShell?

Touch screen pen, what is it?

What is an SQL and Server?

Explanation of terms: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G?

What is remote access?

What is native resolution?

What is a pixel?

What is a SD memory card?

What is Portable Freeware/Software?

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