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Delete and restart the print queue with a batch file!

Open Windows 11 settings the solutions!

Activate additional clocks / times in the Windows 11 taskbar!

Windows 11 old taskbar?

Detect the time until the battery is full or empty under Windows 11!

Log off with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Delete on Windows 11, ...!

Numeric keypad to control the mouse under Windows 11!

Prevent Windows 11 from turning off your screen!

Time zone settings on MS Windows 11 OS!

Find optional driver updates under Windows 11!

Windows 11 Desktop!

Storge cleanup in Windows 11 settings!

The Disk Management in Windows 11!

MS Edge shortcut for private surfing under Windows 11!

What does -Updates are in progress- on Windows 11!

2 x quad explorer with separate settings!

Single window mode plus preview window for all explorers!

You need for the safe deletion of hard disks a fast Tool?

Read almost all the texts, e.g. from Edit-, List-, Tree-View, Groupbox, ...!

The Stone Clock for The Windows Desktop!

Directory and Folder Printing under Windows 11/ 10 / 8.1 / 7!

Crawlingly ants also for the Windows 10 Desktop Home and Pro!

Direct access to the switch-off, standby, logout, hibernation!

Touch your touchscreen with one or more fingers!

An Altarnative Scann Software for free is WinScan2PDF!

BitBlt Paint Speed Test for GPU on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Trace packets and follow over the Internet or the LAN!

The alternative stop clock for Windows!

A silver mouse pointer with the appropriate size!

Shrink images in batch processing, it can be that easy!

Leaves on the windows desktop!

Test for Graphics Cards on MS Windows 11, 10, ... Server OS

More mouse functions and settings about options menu!

Fantastic Rain Drops for all Mouse Devices on MS Windows OS!

The best alternative File Explorer for new Windows 11 and old Windows 10!

Desktop Analog APP not from MS Windows 11, 10 Store for Free!

Auto Save the Desktop Symbol for Windows!

Most viruses have mutated, some still have the typical Corona shape!

Easy export the Network Ping Results to HTM to compare Result at a later time!

The screen brightness manager for Windows is OK! 

Alternative to the Windows 11, 10, ... and MS Server Run-Dialog + extra features!

DirPrintOK - Print Folders and Directory structure ergo Tree on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Fast multi touch screen test for all Windows systems!

Trace Route O.K. path of your data packets over the internet the Freeware!

The Photo Resizer for all Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server OS!

Scroll via mouse wheel even if the window is not in the foreground ergo focused!

Easily check the Prefomance of a Windows 11, 10, ... etc. Volume eg. Partition! 

The MiniBrowserOK!

Passive ejection of external hard drives and drives!

Directory print!

Easily find and remove duplicate images is convenient!

Rule that prevents the computer goes into standby during a download?

Hide system mouse pointer on MS Desktop and Server!

WinScan2PDF and WIA (Windows Image Acquisition / Capture)!

Maximum font size in full screen mode for the clock on MS Windows! 

Simple Digital Desktop Clock Sample on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7!

Quad Explorer for MS Windows 11, 10, ... start as maximized window!

Q-Dir and known bugs! 

Why the alternative Windows Explorer (10, 8.1, 7, 11)!

Select folder from List View enable, disable?

Restart programs from the Windows taskbar!

Icon Size Save Enable on all MS Windows OS!

Restore File-Explorer Font Size in Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 to default!

Multi Touch Test on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Hidden feature, multiple clipboards in QTP!

Create Character Map keyboard shortcut for all Windows OS!

QuickTextPaste Video!

The category Office on Software OK (make everyday office life easier)!

Compare images and Multilanguage ergo change Language!

Open Don'tSleep settings under Windows!

No Search for Jpeg2PDF easy use WinScan2PDF!

The font name is forgotten only the font form is in my head!

🎨 Copy RGB values ​​to the clipboard!

Activate a really big desktop clock on Windows 11!

Restore the last closed tabs by right-clicking on the tab bar!

New work surfaces with their own settings in the Quad Explorer!

Should I use 1, 2, 3 or 4 File Explorer, which is better?

Double click at any blank space, the directory goes upwards!

Activate or deactivate the Auto Update in the Quad Explorer Q-Dir!

Easily Copy Selected File and Full Folder Paths on all Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

TortoiseSVN Overlay Icons and others are supported in Quad Explorer!

Print the File Explorer thumbnails to see it on paper!

Problem: Students create new desktop icons and swap positions!

Program icon for Desktop-OK lost after Windows 10 update!

Texts with short individual additions via copy_text!

PDF preview, PDF thumbnails Windows 11/1^0 Explorer problem!

If the symbols / icons are displayed incorrectly in Windows 11, 10 Explorer!

In the file explorer show the libraries under Windows 11 and 10!

Safely Remove Disk on Windows 11/10?

Start Disk Check in Windows-10/11 Explorer!

Perform a full system scan under MS Windows 10 or 11!

Activate Ransomware Protector on Windows 10 for Free!

Windows 10 "System Recovery" + cmd features!

A shortcut on the Windows 11, 10, ... desktop for network adapters!

Windows 10  / 11 Adapter Settings Find Network?

Calibrate joystick / game controller under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Download Free Files Safely Erase Tool on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Download Microsoft Works for Windows 11, 10, ...!

Is running as administrator program dangerous on Windows 10/11!

Under Windows 10/11 programs and windows apps disappear, why?

After Windows 10/11 Auto Update problems with FireFox browser, why?

Gadgets Windows 10/11?

Where is the folder of Windows 11/10 wallpapers!

Auto size Virtual Memory in Windows 10?

The calculator button is no longer on the desktop from Windows 11/10!

Change desktop background when Windows 11 or 10 is not activated?

To-tray / notification area Customize or disable Windows 11,10 taskbar icons!

Prevent unwanted restart of Windows 10 / 11 after downloading updates?

Windows 11 or rather the 21H2 update of Windows 10?

Windows 10/11 Home set up, configure and delete guest account!

Use the Photos app on Windows 10 / 11 to print pictures!

See list of all installed fonts under Windows 10/11 (+ 4K problem)!

Question! Windows 10 test page print, but how to?

Run Internet Explorer on Windows 10 , how to do?

Chose when to Turn off the Windows 10 and 11 Display!

Find the Windows 10/11 Autostart Folder (auto startup directory)!

Activate Seconds display in Task-Bar of Windows 10 / 11 Desktop!

The mouse speed protection KMS-OK for Windows 10 / 11!

Windows 10 / 11 cmd shell:programfilesx86 and shell:programfiles!

Change the size of text in Windows 10/11!

Use ms-settings:sound command to set the sound for Windows 10/11!

Changing the settings for mains operation and idle state!

Why you cannot completely uninstall Internet Explorer!

Set default search engine and prevent changes on Windows 11/10!

External monitor, work with closed lid on notebook under Windows 10/11!

How do I open other file types, not only text files (* .txt) with Notepad?

How to run an app as a different user in MS Windows 11/10!

Windows 10/11 diskmgmt.msc!

Windows 10: Start Programs and Optional Features!

Delete temporary files and others automatically under Windows 11 and 10!

Convert the FAT32 to NTFS without losing data under Windows 10 / 11?

Windows 10 on-screen keyboard can not be started?

External hard disk standby disable Windows 10/11  (USB, eSATA)?

Start the disk check on Windows 11/10!

Programs and functions / features as a desktop button!

Who needs external uninstallers or cleaners on Windows 10?

Turn-Off the search indexing service in Windows 10/11!

Windows 10 ISO installation DVD with all updates, download?

Constant crashes after Windows 10 update, why?

Delete registry values ​​and complete folders under Windows 10/11 and Server!

Volume control in the notification area of ​​the taskbar activate / deactivate!

Windows Desktop Clock Snow-White!

Show Image Preview or Show Preview and Browser!

Detailed investigation of the windows filesystem structure!

Desktop Pointer Stick as an Blue Office Clamp for Windows!

No sorting when renaming the files in File Explorer!

Print what you see in File Explorer Views on all Windows OS!

Is that the File Manager for Windows 10 or 11?

QuickTextPaste works in Microsoft RemoteApp / Desktop windows!

Keyboard shortcut Windows-R, in Run Command, how to change?

Should I use the MS Windows Recycle Bin or should I delete it immediately?

Is the 35-times overwriting of the data safe? Can any human recover the data?

Is it really wise to offer drive C:\ and system for ejection ...?

Can I list user accounts through PowerShell?

How can I remove delete jobs from the Windows Restart job!

Reserve virtual memory C++, Windows?

Is Windows 10 or 11 better and faster than Windows 7?

Firefox starts when Windows 11 (10, 8.1, 7) starts?

How does automatic head cleaning work?

Everything on the Windows desktop has been moved, what can I do?

How can I prevent winrar from opening the ZIP and CAB files?

How can I arrange the desktop windows sensibly?

Help, I can't find the desktop directory?

How can I safely erase the non-rewritable CDs or DVDs?

Save remote desktop credentials on all MS Windows OS!

Where is the search results folder / directory on Windows 10, 8.1, 7?

Run Command Dialog in all Windows OS (10, 8.1, Seven)?

The desktop icons or symbols in Vista / and Windows 10/8.1 are much too large!

Create hard links and soft links under Windows via command prompt!

Share more fonts for Windows 11, 10, ... command prompt!

Connection to remote desktop service via command prompt!

Find out the computer name via the command prompt or Powershell!

Download about PowerShell Internet Site with Invoke-WebRequest -Uri!

Format external hard drive or USB stick via the command prompt!

Fastest way to open a command prompt in the directory you want!

Edit Autostart folder via the Windows command prompt (11,10,8.1, 7)!

Query startup programs via the command line or PowerShell!

Using SCHTASK for Programs Autostart in all Windows OS, how to?

Move Files with Powershell and CMD (examples)!

Formatting via the Command Prompt Windows 11, 10, 8.1 , ...!

Start programs with different priority classes, how to do on Windows 10/8.1/7?

Delete and Overwrite permanently?

More space for messages in Outlook, classic view in the list!

Deleting / removing text formatting in MS Office Word, ... etc!

Quickly insert smileys or emojis in MS Office Word, Excel!

Is my Office 365 / 2016 activated, how can I see it?

Open MS Office documents when the computer starts, but how?

How to select multiple non sequential Rows of Text in MS-Word?

GetWindowText does not work, how can I uninstall it?

Is my Aero Desktop Clock x64 or x32 on Windows 11 or 10?

What is -fixed at this position- in the desktop clock?

Unlock and delete Files and Folder via MS File-Explorer Context Menu?

Can I save the directory list as a PDF document under MS Windows 10, ...!

Show folder size and print directory content in MS Windows all OS!

How can I select the columns for the directory print out?

Find similar or the same from a single picture in a folder or HD!

Click on identical photos to delete them, I will not be able to finish my work!

For what the flipped and rotated image search?

How to remove the annoying vermin from my Windows desktop?

When time-out select between hibernation and standby for your Windows OS!

After upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10 on the notebook again and again driver problems!

Looking for an USB Floppy Emulator on Windows 10 / 11?

Microsoft Office 365 Desktop shortcuts on Windows 10 / 11?

How to grant a folder / directory access for a program under Windows 10 Explorer?

Help, Windows 10 Defender is turned off or Permanently Disable? (on, Enable)

Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 Enable/Disable (uninstall)?

File Explorer Folder Options in Windows 10/11, how to find, open?

Shortcut to Manage Wireless Networks on Windows-10!

How to hide the mouse pointer in Windows 10/11 while typing!

Has my Windows 10 a Bluetooth support, how to find out?

How To terminate Programs in Windows 11,10, .. (Unresponsive, Hanged or Frozen)?

How to create custom desktop background slide show for Windows 10/11!

Customize Recycle Bin in Windows 10/11, how to?

The XPS Viewer in Windows 10, uninstall or install this print feature?

How to find and start in Windows 10 / 11 Administrative Tools?

Cancel all printing orders in Windows 11 or 10 via print service?

Save search results in Windows 10/11 for always recurring search events?

Where is the password reset disk in Windows 10 / 11, or how to create?

Is my Windows 10 activated, where can I see it?

How to Change Desktop Wallpaper / Slideshow in Windows 10?

Adjust the preview window size in Windows 10/11, how to (MS-Explorer, enable)?

How to change default printer settings for Windows 11 / 10 Home and Pro?

Where is MS Paint in Windows 10 / 11, how to find,  run, start?

How long does it take to install Windows 10 (download)?

Change a user account type using Command Prompt line on Windows 10/11! 

Where is the classic calculator in Windows 11, 10, ... (find, start, run)?

How to remove APPs from Windows 10 Start Menu?

Save multiple profiles and INI files to save the magnifier settings!

Set countdown to shutdown the PC at the specified time!

How do I use the download options and the standby blocking?

TV sleep function with Please Sleep in Don't Sleep?

Run directly minimized to tray without to see the main window?

How to uninstall The auto hide cursor?

What is prod.uhrs.playmsn.com?

Talking about digitization is politicians business, acting is yours!

What is triangles per second for an indication?

Difference between the functions 'C', 'AC' and 'CE' on the Windows computer?

Please think about the environment before printing this email, why?

What is a strong password?

Is there still a classic smart phone without internet?

The TV reception and the picture quality have suddenly deteriorated?

Temporarily deactivate Microsoft Security Essentials!

USB 3.0 on old notebooks and laptops, is that possible with Windows?

LED TV / TV, LCD TV, or Plasma?

Why the RAM or memory test for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...?  

Help, the PDF scan on Windows 11, 10, ... is no longer possible, why?

Add PDFs and images to the PDF?

How to uninstall Win Scan To PDF from Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...?

Deactivating the storage space analysis in AutoStart under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

How can I translate or switch to my language in MeinPlatz!

Can I use the screen testing tools on MS Windows 11 OS?

Print Images in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, how to!?

Windows 8.1 and 10 registry autostart entries for auto run, (find, all user) ?

Desktop shortcut for windows 8.1 / 10 fax and scan or pin to start or task-bar!

Windows Desktop shortcut for Excel, Outlook, Word 2013 / 365, how to!

How to use the search box in the Windows Explorer file search 8.1, 10, 11!

Show navigation area eg directory structure in Windows Explorer in 10 and 8.1!

Change font size and type for programs on Windows 10 and 8.1!

Open and start Internet Explorer always on Windows 8.1 / 10 desktop (disable Metro App)!

Display the full path in the title bar of Win 8.1 ms-explorer!

On Windows 8.1 and 10, how to open Quickly Ease of Access Center ?

Create Action Center Desktop Shortcut for Windows 8.1/8!

How can i start the paint program in Windows 8.1 or Win 10 (run, open, find)?

Print or export search result data list from Explorer in Win 11, 10, 8.1, 7 (xls, txt, html, csv)!

Can I install program and drivers in compatibility mode on Win 8 / 8.1?

Disable Windows 8/8.1 or 10 key click sound in virtual osk keyboard, IE 10 11, MS-Explorer?

Create desktop program shortcuts in Windows 8.1 and 10! 

View and delete partitions on Windows 8.1 / 10, how to?

Disable Windows 8.1 and 10 auto turn off, sleep, ... ?

How to switch tabs in the Win 8.1 / 8   Internet Explorer start (metro) screen app?

How to switch user accounts on windows 8 / 8.1 (change, swop)?

How to show Control Panel, My Computer, Network on Windows 8, 8.1 Desktop and Win 10?

How to change the activation key to activate Windows 10, 8.1, Seven?

How to change the Windows 8 user password, remove or create?

Help, where can i turn off the Windows 8 or 8.1, or shut down the MS Windows OS?

How can i enable/switch on Windows 8 and Win 8.1 to the 1680x1050 screen resolution?

How big should be the Windows 8.1 / 8.0 and disk partition size?

Is CannaPower illegal?

Activate and unblock blocked people and applications on Facebook.com?

Log in to www.yahoo.com, crack the password, or register for FreeMail?

What is phishing?

Set the E-mail message status to read or unread in Thunderbird, how to?

How to manage blocked people and apps on Facebook.com?

The last 10 open fonts folder, use, compare, ...!

What does the number of pings per host in TraceRouteOK ?

Adjust font size under Samsung Galaxy and Android mobile phone?

Turn off data roaming on the Samsung Galaxy!

Wrong detection of CPU manufacturers and series i5, i9, why?

How can I create millions or billions of files please?

The stop watch is not in the same language as the MS Windows OS?

The stop-clock does not display hours?

How can i translate MultiClipBoardSlots in my language?

Own pictures for the extended Windows mouse pointer?

Can I add a comment to the photos!

The watermark on the photo is difficult to see?

Save your favorite notes and use them again and again!

Windows 10 SDK c++ Download!

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 / 2017 Professional Trial, 30 to 90 days!

How many snowflakes should I use with Ultra HD monitors?

Windows desktop clock programs!

Various program / tool requests for Windows!

In which programming language is the freeware written?

How can I remove, disable ergo uninstall the mouse tracks?

Why is my Intel HD graphics card slower than the others?

Check the hard drive health using WMIC on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Delete system data on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Files from hard drive do not open immediately?

Format a formatted HDD or SSD to NTFS!

Empty or reset icon cache on Windows 11, 10, etc.!

What is Digital Clock in Foreground and what is Always Foreground Forced?

What is Launch IME, what does it do?

MS Shell folder menus and right-click function in Q-Dir!

Microsoft Onedrive and Explore Views problem affects folders and files contained!

Open in new process right-click menu, menu item removed in Ecxplorer Views?

Remove Quad-Directory-Explorer from Windows Autostart (Startup), how to?

Start the Explorer Q-Dir with last window position and view settings!

How to delete Autocomplete entries, strings, text entered by mistake or no longer wanted?

Enabling mouse over scrolling, i use the mouse scroll wheel!?

I would like to disable Auto-Expand of Folders!

Please explain: WARNING Once Q-Dir always Q-Dir?

How can edit or copy very long paths in Vista address bar?

Won´t do password protected FTP in Explorer Views Addressbar!

Can I somehow disable the click navigation sound on Windows 10/11 in Q-Dir?

Help: "Connection error" in Windows 10/11 when the folder is locked!

The difference in file explorer between favorites and Quick links?

How can i create a New-Folder in each explorer View?

Why this mouse wheel tool for Windows 11,  10, 8.1, ...?

Initiate / Start in Safe Mode on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Can I also use dot matrix printers under the new MS Windows?

Desktop shortcut to lock your Windows 11, 10, ... etc. PC!

What are unprintable characters?

What is a corrupt driver software under MS Windows OS?

Where is the tab key ↹ on Windows?

Difference between ???

How to set the keyboard delay when writing under Windows?

Difference between administrator and system administrator under Windows?

What is the WDDM driver model of my GPU / graphics card?

Create correct folder for 32Bit applications under Windows 11, 10, ...?

The most important keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer, with an explanation?

Which is better, 1920x1080, 1920x1200 or 1680x1050?

Difference between drives and hard drive?

Hello, how does it work Auto Words in MS Office Word?

How can you clean or shrink the winsxs folder? It takes up too much disk space!

What is the file time, or the folder time?

Should I turn off the power saving mode in Windows or not?

Windows Key, Windows-Logo!

How can i translate AutoHideDesktopIcons Free in my language?

I can not download the alternative command prompt for windows 11, 10, ... why?

Can I also use the file-time software commercially?

How can I only Add Folders included Subfolders, but not add files for timestamps?

I wonder about the function of 'Text to time tester'!

Can I position the desktop clock on the desktop freely?

Where can I reset Windows 11, are there these options?

I can't change the size of the start menu or taskbar in Windows 11?

How does Dynamic Lock work on Windows 11?

Install Windows 11 on a standard hard drive?

Where can I find the battery status information under Windows 11!

How do I schedule a restart for Windows Update on Windows 11?

What is the frame rate of my Windows 11, 10, ... monitor?

Can I adjust the power plan under Windows 11?

Why can't I align / docking the Windows 11 taskbar: left, right?

Activate / deactivate word suggestions when entering text under Windows 11!

Checkbox in Windows 11 File Explorer!

Can i use 32-bit programs under Windows 11 x64?

Deactivate the Windows 11 grouping in the file explorer!

How can I activate / deactivate the mouse trails in Windows 11?

Where can I find the contrast designs for poor eyesight in Windows 11?

Windows 11 login with PIN and without PIN?

Surf and work with a guest account rather than with a standard user under Windows 11!

Check Windows 11 Bluetooth connection and adapter!

Disable files, folders, apps, recently used in the Windows 11 Start!

Set the default printer for Windows 11!

How long does it take to install Windows 11?

Do I absolutely have to shoot the MatriX computer viruses? 

Portable use of the process killer under Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7, ...)!

Why is my external SSD hard drive not reaching full speed?

Can I also save the desktop icons on Windows 11!

Would be happy to distribute the DesktopOK software automatically at our school (/silent)!

Load and Save windows desktop Icon Layout from file (quick restore)!

Why DesktopOK save the wrong resolution of the Desktop?

How can i save and load the desktop icon's position from a file?

Is portable use of Desktop Icon Save possible ho to find the DesktopOK.ini?

If I don't restart my computer, does the QTP process stop after a few days?

Problem with path to your own ini file with quotes in QTP!

New Line in Quick text Paste? (\n and nc)

Working with date, time and calendar week in QuickTextPaste!

What is test_exymple@mail.com333 and what about Windows clipboard history?

How can I eliminate most of the corona viruses?

Can I really share the desktop notes program with everyone?

Set default Font for the Desktop Short Note!

Can I also do a test color printing in Windows 11, 10, ...?

Why is not an organizer integrated (to allow event scheduling and notifications)?

Using standard Printer  drivers in Windows (7, 8.1, 10) in example for Konica KL!

Enable the administrator account in Windows 7 with full access, how to?

Set the folder permissions for Everyone on Windows-7 (10, 8.1), how to?

Can i change user account picture in Windows 7?

How to start Windows-7 Run-Dialog (find, open)?

Change the Win-7 thousand separator (distinction) and decimal symbol!

How to change what happens when I close the laptop or Windows-7 notebook?

How to save and open searches in Windows 7 ?

How to show Recycle Bin Icon on the Windows 7 Desktop?

How to enable Aero in Windows 7?

Can I use the Windows XP Explorer.exe in Windows 7 or 10?

Auto login without password on Windows 7 (How to)?

Open the Disk-Management in Windows 7?

Can I upgrade my Windows XP to Windows 7

What is the difference between power off/on and restart of the mobile smart phone?

Uninstall WiPing and portable use on Windows Desktops and Server OS!

What are DPI?

What is a char?

What is office?

What is a DLL file?

What is excel?

What is a low-level format?

What is a proxy?

What is a driver?

What is a VeraCrypt container?

Difference between check boxes and Combo boxes?

What is a drive letter?

What is a laser function?

What is a piezo element piezo sensor?

What is Autodesk?

What are energy options?

What is a router?

Explanation of terms: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G?

What is a special character?

What is RGB, RGBA, ABGR, ARGB (example, difference)?

What are Powershell special characters (control characters)?

What is a PS2 printer port?

What is quantum computing (quantum computer)?

What is it Printer queue?

What is TMC in a car radio?

What is an Office Product Key Card?


Alpha-Transparency and Tools?

Does BIN to ISO support MODE2 / 2352 and MODE1 / 2048 ISO9660 UDF?

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